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Pay-per-click marketing is a common form of online marketing. A catchy campaign can be placed in front of computer-laced consumers’ screens for pennies per click. In fact, companies such as Google, MSN, Yahoo and AOL are able to push ads onto almost any website, or into the lucrative affiliate market. But how do you expect to track the ROI of this system? There are a number of ways – if you know how!

Obviously, the more visitors to your website, the more time visitors spend and the more conversions (em areas that result in sales, all depending on your site, of course) you will not only receive from your marketing campaign, but from all of them! The basic premise via multiple methods

Once you have the ad or link on your website, you should track the source of all visitors (allows you to analyze your marketing campaign in terms of effectiveness). In addition, the source of all visitors will be the number of visitors who find your site via a search engine. By monitoring your source, you can use the ratios of visitors who find you – and the number of visitors who find your site via a search engine to determine your target audience.

However, you can also employ techniques such as:

If another company or someone in your industry develops a lead generator system, you may consider collaborating with them – whether even choosing to repurpose their content, if you have the proper portions of their content you can utilize their content, or if you are confident working with a responsible comer to create a lead generator system and partnership, you may consider the results your generator can achieve. It may even be worth the added financial commitment to entice you to invest in this program.

Start a campaign

By now you should have a baseline of what campaigns work to generate the most leads, and what types of content get the most results. For example Krave kratom, a shop where you can buy the best kratom extract shots, recently ran a campaiang that brought a lot of attention online. Their strategy was simple, get more people to know about their brand.

Usebreaking the language barrieris a great way to attract the attention and interest of your target audience. Use language they will understand, such as “How to”, “Benefit”, “Instantly”, “Figure out” and “Easy to.” You probably have already seen these type of messages come out of shows featuring the hosts. But having the same phrases appear on your website is a powerful, effective way to attract the attention of your local market (regardless of what the host of the show does).


All traffic to your websites Go back to your website and input some tracking codes that will tell you how many visitors came from your website, how many visitors you created from your site, how many visitors clicked on specific links and ad codes or hyperlinks and so forth. You will be able to pinpoint from which sources, you are generating your leads and what are the most profitable sources/sites of your business.


Using hyper-links & keyword rich text/copy is also useful. This is important because it is interactive, content rich and Search engines can deliver content of interest to your target audience. The end result is that you are better able to deliver your marketing message to your prospects and enable them to have the appropriate answers to their questions.

  • Run an ad
  • Allocate a budget
  • Decide on the medium of your communication
  • Monitor your results
  • Offer suggestions for other websites
  • Implement more strategies
  • Riac more ideas
  • Trackand evaluate your campaign marketing
  • Consistently run great campaigns that work for your business
  • Measure the results you are getting from your campaigns and
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