Modern Office Style Designs for Your Business

The Only Kit You Need

Modern Ofice Style This style features variations in form and function. The most important design elements are function, efficiency and personal pleasure. Today’s modern office features elements such as large wall designs, open concept designs and new appliances with a mix of the retro and cutting edge modern.

Traditional Office Styles

Traditional office Style Traditional colors are classic white, off-white or cream with some hints of warmer shades such as gold, red, green, rust and burgundy. Today’s traditional office includes elements of wood finishes, individual art forms and various materials.

Country office Style The country-style office features the use of natural materials, the simplicity of a basic palette, and soft but eye-catching colors. The colors are natural and warm

For each style, the office sink can be a work of art. Some common elements are a farm-type sink made of marble, natural stone or enameled steel with a basket or squared off work surface. Other common pieces of equipment include a large single bowl sink with a rinsing basin next to it, a dishwasher or even a deep look and Black appliances combined with matching cabinetry.

For the sink bowls, they can be made from the same material as the cook-top sink, or perhaps a combination. You’ll just want to be sure you hire the right interior design firm to make your office look amazing. Drawer fronts are often in a raised style, and commonly include one of the many types of drawers with extension legs that help them take up more space. I’ve seen one quite elegant in stainless steel with matching granite countertops and a brick center with an art glass apothecary lamp that helps to tie it all together to do the practical stuff. Some of the finer detail features are hand cast or custom made to your specifications that?s what really makes the difference at the end of the day.

Office Finishes

For the finishes in a office, try grainy flourishes, diamond-shaped stone chips, or the vein accents, which are actually quite common in the more modern styles. The pot metal remains a very common finish, and can really create a great atmosphere. For countertops, the most expensive for custom styles of office is usually Granite over Laminates. Other options are Tile and Formica, although they’re very time-consuming to install and generally not as durable as Granite or Granite-Slab. For your appliances, Good housekeeping sells a wonderful new Star panel refrigerator with an ice and water dispenser. For more elaborate style offices, the most common design for cabinetry is the ” framed cabinet ” design, and for countertops it usually includes shelves adjacent to the cooking stove or range. Under-the-counter appliances really can dress up your basic office very adequately. Although the most common are the full-sized built-in everything that?s-sealed units, especially in a small office, right now the casual “cabinet with a sink” is back in vogue. Other details to consider for your custom look would be cabinetry (doors, moulding, flooring, and lighting), surface treatment (Tile, granite or laminate), and your choice of accessories (furniture, cookware or decorative pots and pans.)

When designing your custom home, give your designer?s as much time as possible to get to know you and your taste. Don?t be afraid to walk away and try something else for a while. That’s what they’re there for. Your designer will give you advice to help you create more interesting and exciting office spaces that please you. There will be many places on the Internet that offer free advice so you can get some ideas and start the process of designing your dream office yourself.

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