Should You Offer Pilates for Employees?

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The Pilates Method

Because physical fitness is the basis for a healthy, functional and youthful body, everyone benefits from a calmer and more positive sense of well-being. Exercise in itself provides a sense of well-being, but to gain and loss of excess fat and inches the whole body must go through changes. The Pilates method is an exercise program that combines passive and active stretching of all the body’s major muscle groups with only the body weight. It can be done anywhere, anytime. No equipment necessary. It brings about a sense of inner peace. The balance between stretching and building strength is achieved through using your breath energy, controlled exhalation and active flexion to generate strength.

Everyone has seen silhouette of a person who has undergone some form of stretching exercises. Impressive, isn’t it? Some of the most common stretching exercises are lunges, bridges, toe touches, side bends, side twists, torso twists, leg raises, cable extensions, side bends, single leg and Double Leg calf raises. Noted an instructor from Mind and Motion an Online and Los Angeles pilates studio. All these stretches are done with the body weight and without using any equipment. Once you master these stretches, you can easily move on to a few more exercises.

Pilates traces its roots back to Joseph Pilates inital period (“1830-1890”), but the physical Institutes were rededicated and re-organized in creches decades ago. Pilates is now recognized as Joseph Pilates Maximal Strength Method. In the early works, Joseph Pilates stressed the importance of posture as well asfluid balance. This is Pilates’ ideal weight and health parameter. Therefore, in his later Pilates Method, Joseph Pilates removed the role of harmful exercises and focused on creating muscle strength efficiently. He called his method Specific Bonding.

Benefits of Pilates

Specific Bonding is a systematic way of controlling muscular tension. In the early publications of Joseph Pilates, it referred to the management of muscular tension. According to Joseph Pilates, this management includes:

  • controlling the range and amount of oxygen employed
  • controlling rest-time
  • controlling nervous tension
  • using proper body mechanics
  • providing minimum stress
  • establishing proper musculoskeletal alignment
  • establishing relaxed alertness
  • having a positive feel for posture
  • becoming aware of efficient movement
  • Live relaxed and with ease

Pilates was greatly aided by his teacher, The discourse of machinery, which allowed him to indulge a free and expressible expression of his craft.

Faster, lighter and more efficient

The Pilates Method makes you achieve peak performance levels. It rehearses you to carry out a series of movements so that you already possess the skill set required for your work, except you may not be sure of the exact form. Take your skill to a higher level so that you may practice the exact movements on your own instead of having to consult a guide. This allows an increased flow of learning that leads to the ability to master the specific movements.

Joseph Pilates insisted on testing his trainees on both sides of the spectrum with no limits. If you are a bodybuilder, you can use all the machines in the gym but if you just need to trim down for your competition, there are Pilates machines designed for this purpose. The method also allows you to work different parts of your body (Metomach, Legs, Shoulders, Back, etc.). It isn’t like an ordinary machine, where you simply move back and forth through a few motions. This method stresses the entire body.

Flexibility and Recovery

The Pilates method stresses on proper flexibility and suggests ways of staying active while waiting for the result to come back. Being flexible is also another form of endurance and can help you keep going even after the result arrives. Total fitness means being flexible and energetic, able to do almost anything for long periods of time without tiring yourself too much.


Pilates is a system of maintaining movement throughout life. It helps you be alive and actually fit while not being a burden on your family. Total fitness means almost everything. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, here is one exercise routine that is actually for you. Don’t think of working yourself at home out for 10 minutes per day to get toned, interrupted by crunches and sit ups. If you devote your self to this movement 21 days a week, you’ll be helping yourself in a year by the time you hit your 65th birthday.

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